Tuesday, February 3, 2009

New Movies coming out

Movies I really want to see

- okay this just looks awesome
- Jason is now running and looks like he’s gonna be in both his cloth sack mask and his traditional hockey mask.
- Its directed by the director of the new Texas chainsaw massacres

- Again another remake movie but still looks good
- The crew is fighting some sorta bug/alien thing
- Spock is young
- It’s a prequel to the classic series

- a bunch of monsters based off of 50’s movie monsters fightin an evil alien
- There’s a gill-man like monster, a blob like one, The Fly like one, a 50 foot tall woman like one, and a giant bug monster.
- It’s going to be in 3-D like how the original creature from the black lagoon was in.

- looks awesome
- Ravage is in it
- Someone gives Optimus a go bunch in the face
- Might take place in Las Vegas by the looks of the background

- Snake eyes is in it
- The movie looks like it’s gonna be treated like it’s a secret government type movie

Now heres the one im looking forward to

To all of those who don’t now what land of the lost was it was a low budget 70’s kid TV show that used stop motion, there was a family who in a cannoning accident fell into the land, there was ape people who they befriended but there was the evil sleestaks who where those green things in the commercial with big eyes, there was also Grumpy who was an T-rex who tried eating them. In the 80’s or 90’s it was remade into a new tv series and changed the designed of the sleestaks
- The Sleestaks look just like they did in the 70’s
- There is a T-rex he might be Grumpy
- The people do get into the land via canoe

Well that’s it from me did anybody notice four old TV shows are being made into movies this summer?

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